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About The DoorCrafter™

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Create Your Dream Door with DoorCrafter - Begin Crafting Today!

The DoorCrafter™

The DoorCrafter™ is our specialized web-based application, empowering individuals to effortlessly design and price their ideal custom door with precision and ease.

How The DoorCrafter™ Works: Unveiling the Crafting Process

Craft Your Dream Door Today.

Our CPQ application enables users to explore our extensive range of BarnCraft, FiberCraft, and WoodCraft doors. Customize your selection with a diverse array of features, allowing you to design your door while keeping a specific budget in mind.



Instant Quotes at Your Fingertips!

With every 'click,' whether adding or removing a door feature, the Total Cost of your door updates instantly. Each click keeps you informed about your budget, ensuring you know exactly where you stand. Once you've crafted the door of your dreams, simply click "submit" to process your order.


Seamless Reordering.

For dealers and distributors handling significant purchases, The DoorCrafter® streamlines the monitoring, tracking, editing, and reviewing of all sales activities. Additionally, it provides convenient accounting features to streamline operations and enables seamless and effortless reordering.


The Enhanced Dealer Toolkit:

Enhancing Your Enterprise Experience


• Administrators have the authority to manage access to the dealer toolkit, determining both who has access and their assigned sales level.


• The system comprises three primary sales levels—Admin, Sr. Buyer, Jr. Buyer—each assigned distinct access levels to various sections of the dealer tools.


• Individuals are now organized into company groups, allowing to view all quotes and orders associated with their accounts.

My Orders: Review Your Current, Previous, and All Other Orders.

• Orders can now be easily located using either the purchase order (PO) or the salesperson's name for improved searchability.


Quotes: Review Your Quotes.

• Seamless and accurate quotes. Budget control, confident customization, transparent ordering, and streamlined decision-making now at your fingertips.

Quick Orders: Reorder Quickly from Your Previous Orders.

• Reordering is made even more convenient through the "Quick Order" feature.

Shopping Lists: Build a Shopping List for Your Future Orders.

• Users can now generate shopping lists for regularly purchased items, streamlining the process for frequently acquired products.

The DoorCrafter® User Stories: Hear What Our Users Are Saying

Master Your Craft with Insightful Instructional Videos

Getting Started | Mobile

Purchasing with Our Catalog | Desktop

Purchasing with Our Catalog | Mobile

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the pricing on the website based on the listed price or our negotiated rate?

• Our website and quoting system consistently display list prices. To determine your cost, please calculate it manually by applying your multiplier.

How can we apply our multiplier to the online quote? 

• Please calculate it manually by applying your multiplier.

Where can I locate [Product usually found in Other Products]? 

• If the item is not a door or sidelite, you can typically locate it within the "Other Products" section. The organization by catalogs ensures a user-friendly experience, making it easy to find any specific part.

Does the website include our shipping costs?

    • Currently, freight details are not visible online. Please contact our customer service team via phone or email for shipping costs on LTL orders under $2000. *However, for orders exceeding $2000 net cost, shipping is complimentary.

How do I incorporate sidelites into this door, or any other special requests that require a quote from Customer Service?

• If you encounter challenges quoting specific items, such as different sidelites with a door or any other custom build, kindly reach out to our customer service team at They will gladly offer additional assistance to ensure you receive an accurate quote.

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