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GC | Houdini Hardware™ Kit

Houdini Hardware™ Kit: Award-Winning Excellence

Say Goodbye to Bulky Rollers and Hardware!

with any barn door.

rails and rollers.

hardware install.

Enhance the appearance of any barn door effortlessly, without the need for bulky rollers or hardware, be it traditional or modern, with the Houdini Hardware™ Kit.

• Concealed rollers and rail.
• Entire system installs onto door wall in under 1 hour for basic installation
• Rails/bottom may be trimmed to fit door width.
• Maximum door weight: 175 lbs.
• All hardware for installation is included.
• Installation instructions included.

Houdini Hardware™ Kit Includes

Designed to be compatible with any barn door, this kit allows you to conceal rails and rollers, providing a seamless and effortlessly stylish hardware installation. The innovative design ensures smooth and easy operation, offering a functional and polished solution for your barn door.

Door Bottom

Door Support Guide

Bottom Wheels (x2)

Floor Guide

Soft Close Dampers (x2)

Door Rail

Houdini Hardware™ Kit In Action

The Houdini Hardware™, featuring a patent-pending design, presents a modern aesthetic with concealed rollers and rails. Remarkably light and easy to handle, the system effortlessly bears the door's weight, gliding smoothly on the floor.

Ready to Upgrade Your Barn Door?

Houdini Hardware™ Kit

Step-by-Step Guides: Installing the Houdini Hardware™

Step-by-Step Guide: Installing the Houdini Hardware™ | PDF

Step-by-Step Guide: Installing the Houdini Hardware™ | Single Door Video

Step-by-Step Guide: Installing the Houdini Hardware™ | Double Door Video

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